Believe in your strength, determination and resilience. Think positive, do what you believe is right; no negativity will influence your actions.
Make a coherent and serene association between your heart and mind and hence take pride in your beliefs and endeavors, because everything that you do forth will be just right for you.

I am Nikita Prasad. I am an aspiring writer. I am a books and coffee kind of person. I am a confident and considerate, sensitive and docile. I believe in possessing and promoting rational views, opinions and decisions. I stand for what I believe in and aim to bring a change in the society through my writings.
The journey of my life till now has been a roller-coaster ride. It has been full of highs and lows, I have reveled in my achievements, also endured struggles and upheavals.
I am standing at the threshold, waiting to make the entire world mine. I write articles, essays, poems, quotations and small pieces on topics ranging from hard news, features, reviews, personal experiences, politics, current affairs, history, motivation and psychology. This blog will be an amalgamation of all of these.

Writing is my passion. It is the painting of my voice. It is what keeps me alive. Writing is my work. It is my temporary, or sometimes, permanent escape from the harsh reality. When I feel I have none in this world, writing is my rescue and my closest friend. My pen and paper know me the best. I am able to express myself best, through my words. If I fall, it gets back on my feet. Writing is in my soul, it is what I am made for.