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July 2017


Rationally Correct


From the very first word that we utter when we don’t even know how to speak, to the involuntary loud scream we give out in any situation of pain, anxiety or fear, this small yet powerful word has been engraved in our speech like no other word has been.

When I went around and asked a few people to say the first word that comes to their mind or describe their mothers in one word, I got answers like-

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The perks of making your first transition from college to corporate life

Rationally Correct

We’ve all talked to our own selves. We often and always have two different voices , more like two people dwelling within us, and having a conversation of their own. One of the voice is from the brain/the mind, being the logical one; rendering only factual, realistic and tough statements, while the second voice, is from the hidden recesses of the heart, being the more tender, optimistic and honeyed one; speaking only what we truly like and want.

Well. I have recently had quite a few encounters of the voices of my mind and heart being in a constant conflict and war of words.
I am talking about the time when (just recently) it was my first day at office as part of my summer internship that I am pursuing.


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