This blog is about the discovery of a new platform where I’ve been publishing my micro stories, quotations, poetry, one liners, musings among other micro blogging texts. Your Quote is an instagram for writers and has been such a suitable, direct, quick and endearing space which I’ve been using for the past few days. The quotes are Google searchable.
I write poetry, scribbled stories, word of the day text stories, and also, personalized quotations for my near and dear ones! All of them have been loving my quotes that I’d dedicated for them, and surely, there is lots more coming up! The love and appreciation that I’ve received from them is incomparable!
Follow my writings on and also, if you like my words, click on the heart beneath my quote; the heart revolves a full circle when you click on it! Isn’t that cute?!
If we have have shared some unforgettable moments and still do share an overwhelming bond, be rest assured that, sooner or later, there is some quote or one liner or poetry, coming up for you, from my side!