I took 2 lines from Sir Piyush Mishra’s poetry and provided my own opening to it-


“Hum apne raftaar mein, pankh mein sapne liye ud rahe the
Is duniya se humein na koi shikayat thi aur na koi shikve
Fir na jaane, Ae Khuda, aisi kya khata hui humse, ki,
Jisko humne jeena sikhaya, jisko humne udna sikhaya
Wahi hamari pankh kaat kar, hamari jeene ki iccha cheen le gaya;
Main tumse ab kuch nahi maangta Ae Khuda
Teri dekar cheen lene ki aadat mujhe manzoor nahi”



Abandoned. The longitudinal row:

I  surrender, into the abyss of my emptiness, my captivity and my brokenness. I sleep, only wishing, to never see a new morning or a new day again. I wish my sleep was sweet, but it isn’t. I can’t even fall asleep easily, because my mind is filled with never-ending battles and fear of what the future holds.

Maybe this is what anxiety, grief and depression feels like; this is how your body and mind responds to these demons. I hope these demons go away and leave my soul for the light of the day to pull me up and rise like a shooting star.

In consciousness and unconsciousness, I lay here. With dreams, fear, anxiety, pain, bondage, uncertainty and hope.