Every person has a story. Every person is a story. Here’s one part of mine:

Princess Haley sat by her bedroom window and as the raindrops fell, she was contemplating the days she’d spent with her beloved Prince Travis. It was time for Prince Travis to go far away to a distant land to sort out official disputes and achieve several feathers to his cap, that he most-rightly deserved.

In their togetherness, they had spent some memorable moments which seemed etched in their hearts and minds, never to be forgotten. Princess Haley didn’t know when she would be able to see her Prince again. The night before, Prince Travis had asked her to meet him once, under the sparkling night sky full of stars,” before he goes, to again express the tender love and care they had for each other.

Princess Haley was trying to avoid meeting Prince Travis for one last time as she knew she’d cry her eyes out and didn’t want her Prince to see tears in her eyes. The parting seemed heavy and overwhelming. And so, she went quietly sat in seclusion, and began writing a letter. Words from the hidden recesses of her heart:


”To the most beautiful blessing I have received this year,


It still feels like a dream because I could never foresee it

I may not express the way you’d like me to, but I promise to be there for you and stand by you each and every day. My ways might be different, but I do express the best way I know.

Today, when you are going away and I don’t know when I’ll see you again, I just want to tell you again that

I’ll always keep you in my prayers. I’ll always wish well for you and I know you’ll achieve what you deserve.

Its like a veil. A protective shield over you. My love and care for you, is the sweet disguise enveloping you, everywhere you go. No matter which palace, kingdom or territory you are in, my shield will always cover you.

So, go out and achieve what you deserve. Go and bring laurels to your name. You deserve the win. You deserve the best.

My love for you grows each day. I’ll always be there for you. My shield shall always render love and happiness. I promise. I promise I’ll be here, I promise I’ll wait.

And I shall express the best way I know

I shall express the best way I know.

-Loads of love, always and forever
I hope you always keep happy and safe, receiving the best that you want.