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January 2017

Sweet Redolence of Simplicity

Treasured from the box 🙂

Rationally Correct


”Sitaaron ko aankhon mein mehfoos rakhna,
Badi der tak raat hi raat hogi,
Musafir hai hum, musafir ho tum bhi,
Kisi mod par phir mulakaat hogi.”

-Bashir Badr

Amidst the busy drags of the metropolitan that we dwell in, tied and pulled towards our hectic work schedules and getting lost in the urban extravagance; there is something so profound which goes missing from our lives.

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Lets talk about relationships

Stay Connected 🙂

Rationally Correct


Something Like This

”Time plays such surreal games,
how it added a permanent name
To those who reside in my heart,
your involvement became a blissful part.

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