”Be careful who you open up to. Only a few care for you. Others just want gossip.”

”It’s hard to trust somebody when the one person who you completely opened up to is the person who later completely betrayed you.”

”If she confides in you and tells you her story, she must picture you in her future. She’s not the type of woman to open up about personal pain with just anyone. Remember that.”


Once you betray and destroy a person who loved you unconditionally, there is an unbridled and solid guard that the person builds around himself/herself. There are huge walls that the person builds around his/her destroyed soul, just to save oneself from not letting another person in and not letting any thought or expression escape from their soul, just to save themselves from getting incredibly hurt and damaged again. It is an automatic and solemn defense mechanism that is created by such people who go through that pain. Pain of betrayal. Pain of self/soul destruction. If you have betrayed them or taken their happiness away, then you have automatically generated their defense mechanism. Such people do not want any sympathy or apology. They are just seeking their strength and rebuilding themselves again. Until then, their guard remains firm. They wouldn’t let their guard off easily, and will take healing time to be able to trust anyone else completely again.

This is because they once had invested their trust so much in their companion, they had completely opened up their hearts, souls, thoughts, deepest fears, emotions and feelings, that their responsibility and unconditional love compelled them to stay and save their companionship. They always confide in their partners because they respect and regard them so high, that no flaw or mistake or hardship can take their trust away. They will always stand up for their companions with whom they’ve opened up to, in whom they confide, because they have been COMPLETELY NAKED with them.

As catchy as I tried to title this blog, there were some equally measurable and weighted reasons why it is written so. Not just to make this blog an unstoppable one, the one which is not just a stop along the way, but, also some food for thought and sample, efficient fodder for the brain. I want everyone to read this and most importantly, take a lot of righteous wisdom with themselves, after reading this.

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Being completely naked comprises of being completely yourself with the person in whom you confide. Being naked means not wearing the fake imposter that you show off, outside. Being naked means being absolutely vulnerable and even maybe, weak, if you must say, around your person. Being naked also means sharing every little detail and aspect of your life and investing your trust in such a way that you let your soul open up in front of them and let them in, as well. ‘My person’ is a popular term now used to describe the same companion. However, we need not necessarily be naked with only a love interest/romantic partner.
We are, in my opinion, more ourselves, more vulnerable, more ‘opened up’ around the people with whom we’ve literally seen the best and worst times, grown up with, shared tons of memories with, with the people who know, accept and appreciate JUST AS WE ARE, and love us anyway. Those people who know we are the rainbow and learn to shine with the colors of our soul. Those people who do not compel us to change, either physically, mentally or otherwise, unless its for our wellness. We are naked around our soul mates, companions, friends, best friends, old friends, maybe even some family members.
In the modern air of the 21st century, it is easy to take off your clothes and have sex. But you’re a foolish man if you suppose that the best way to get a woman completely naked, is by taking her clothes off. Instead, opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, insecurities, future, hopes, dreams,…..that is being naked.

People who are broken often pass the question when somebody asks them ‘how are you’. They go into a dilemma of emotions and struggle to seek appropriate words to answer this question. The reason being, they once were naked with their companion, but the separation or any other glitch, has inserted a thousand knives into their soul and shattered them into a million pieces. This is why they now, have their guards up, with immense walls around their souls and make every effort to protect themselves from getting hurt or damaged some more. The reason why it is said that, opening up requires immense bravery and courage, which only a few (who are sure of their love) can muster. They know that they might be hurt or left out, yet they go ahead with love. Such people can literally kill everyone with kindness and compassion.


Opening up to a person takes a huge amount of courage and trust. Even if you think you know, you never really know how they will react or respond, and that will always be out of your control. In keeping them out, you keep the risk of disappointment and pain out. But in keeping them out, you keep the chance of acceptance and love out too.
This is why it is said that people who take the decision of separation and betray their loved ones, are the weak-willed and do not bear bravery and courage as they never let love in, they never accepted the unconditional love from their partners, and were always scared and petrified to open. However, the ones who always stay in the companionship and love unconditionally against all odds, despite the flaws of their partners, despite the rough times and difficult terrains, are the ones who are tremendously strong, resilient and brave. They were brave enough to let themselves open up and shower unconditional love as well as conquer all difficult times with the same heart.
In the end, you really have to decide if the risk or the chance is more important to you and act accordingly.


-Love with no fear, no regrets, no qualms, no insecurities and no boundaries.
However, muster your bravery and courage when you love 🙂

Spread love, spread smiles, spread some positive.