If you’re thinking you’ll meet your old friend after a while, meet today.
If you’re not interacting with your beloved right now, do it now.
If you’ve not expressed how much you love your parents, do it today!
If you’re post-poning that pending trip to Goa or to any paradise you’ve been wishing to go for, go today!
If you’re procrastinating something, get your spirits high and get it done.
You never know what tomorrow might bring; You don’t even know whether you have a tomorrow or not; Or your loved ones might not be around.
As cliche or as hypothetical this may sound, or you may take this to be, but in this fast-paced network of existence and life, have we ever stopped to bother how significant and important these things are? Live each day like its your last; Carpe Diem; Seize the moment – Phrases which are deeply understood and realized only when harsh realities and extreme situations hit strongly right on our faces.

Year 2014.

Second year into college.

Particularly chose to write about this year because it was ‘extreme’. Extreme in every sense. A number of incidents, lined up, one after the other, happened to me this very year, and I, still am amazed that how did I even make through it all? How was it that, just straight-away, these incidents happen and I am here today, to narrate it, think and re-collect and wonder at the intensity of it.

I lost 3 very close lives, in the sheer audacity of time and fate and its inter-wining relation; amongst other disturbing incidents.

This year had taught me so much; something which I still carry in my heart today.

A much-needed lesson that all of us should learn and implement and should never forget.

Live each day like its your last. Live and make the most of every moment of your day. Do what you love the most, don’t wait for the coming week or month. Stop procrastinating your endeavors and tasks. Make it happen by putting your entire heart and soul with dedication and sincerity. Achieve the goals of both, your life, and your bucket list!

Life is too short to be living with sadness, regrets, despair, anger or disappointment. We loath and mourn about small, little and ignorable aspects of our daily lives. We get upset about things can be made better with just another attitude.

To all the beautiful angels and charming stars, shining up there and watching us over;

You are here! You will always be cherished in our fond memories. We just wish you all the happiness and joy and most importantly, peace.

Keep smiling, like you all always did.


To the people reading this;
Go out there and live every second of your life. Stop delaying things for the next week/month/year, because who knows?, and what’s the use of planning your actions ten years in advance when you might not even have tomorrow.

-Written with lots of fond memories, love and reverence.