untitled     teddy_bear-2230-copy-1

”Leave a roll of paper or a spare bit of parchment,
A feathered pen with a bottle of ink and color;

Along with some fresh memories made
which tingle us with happiness and joy,
The dewy eyes filled with love and reverence
Fingers inter-twining with each other,
We walked down the infinite miles
Not knowing where to go,
Till we reached a breathless narrow.

I will envelope and encapsulate everything we ever cherished;
I will draw and paint and write us in a billion ways,
with those few thousand strokes and words
for uncountable days ahead to be shared.

Just close your eyes, and hold my hand,
for you know that the answer lies within;
look beneath this thin pool of qualms,
And embrace the peace which we deserve to win.

Have faith in our intangible paradise,
let it prosper with its own might;
I’ll erase all fears and doubts we bear,
as this love, our art, shines in its own light.

Believe in this magic that I foresee,
Lets make union with our dreams;
This is devoid of all evils and knots,
And as solemn and bright as sunlight beam.

In every stroke, color or word that I choose,
Trust me, with your belief,
I will make us come alive with each other, as a muse.”


; You’re the artist that I love to write, love to read and love to hear