”Sitaaron ko aankhon mein mehfoos rakhna,
Badi der tak raat hi raat hogi,
Musafir hai hum, musafir ho tum bhi,
Kisi mod par phir mulakaat hogi.”

-Bashir Badr

Amidst the busy drags of the metropolitan that we dwell in, tied and pulled towards our hectic work schedules and getting lost in the urban extravagance; there is something so profound which goes missing from our lives.

Cities which have been enveloped with the technological and aesthetic developments, projects itself with its materialistic and worldly possessions. Converging richness and leisure into one paradise, the entire population, as a whole, reflects a polished modernity of life. Irrespective of what a particular individual might be going through or might be struggling with end number of battles, yet, this fast-paced city never fails to run with its swift pace or externalize its monotonous wheel of grandeur. It is almost similar to a fake bubble where people crawl within, and stay there, incessantly entangled in its network of opulence, political or professional mockery or the routinely humdrum of the city life.

When was the last time that we sat near the banks of the majestic waters, closed our eyes and let peace and serenity engulf our senses;
When was the last time that we went to a green field or sat on wet grass and listened to poetry or sang our hearts out;
When was the last time that you wrote poetry for your beloved, instead of giving a materialistic gift, or just sat with them on a still boat, appreciating the beauty of the river;
When was the last time that we saw attenuate and insubstantial lanes, crumbled or crestfallen dwellings and still walked in, without a grin on our faces;

Modernity and sophistication has besieged us so much that, we often forget what made us grow, where we inculcated essential values, what really binds us to our roots or just, something that renders true joy, happiness and contentment to our hearts and souls. Folksy habits and customs, plainspoken individuals and finding joy in the ordinary is what is lost from the newfangled city and runs missing. People here, might be hailing from humble backgrounds, and a majority of them, are still grounded to their roots. However, the survival in this cruel network, forces them to be what they don’t want to be, to speak or do what they might never have done otherwise. Its often said that, ”Its not always right to be extra nice and good. We need to adapt according to where we dwell. Treat them as you are being treated.”
Honestly, this snatches away their essential thought-process and behavioral patterns, or even certain beliefs and practices of their noble inheritance.


There are certain works of cinema, or any audio-visual channel that creates few such excellent masterpieces, that after watching, studying, analyzing or simply appreciating them, you want to straight away leave this fake bubble or entangled network, and reside where true humility, simplicity and morality persists. Where the fervent and lively spirit of the hard working people speaks for the city itself. Where a magical dreamland tells the story of every commoner and encapsulates the earthiness of the land and has suffused the same, into the atmosphere.






Masaan, released in July 2015, still reminds me of this. It takes me back to the stillness and calmness of the waters, to the simple lifestyle shared by the entire population, to the divine pilgrimage, to the blood, sweat and drudgery of the ones who created the modest homes with brick and mud, to the sweet, submissive beginnings of new relationships and commitments, to a place where everything is away from sycophantic derailments, to my poetry, to the small, little or even insignificant details which somewhere got lost; while I try to search for them in the metropolitan; only in vain.

This piece of cinema has and will always remain etched in my mind and heart, for all these many reasons. It is something which will take you to the waters, and will make you sit on the banks, in silence, just to appreciate the peace, or even the hustle-bustle around.
It will remind you of its sweet nothings, of how prominent poetry is and how it can take on an unforgettable journey of love, affection and art. It will compel you to embrace simplicity, and how your relationship with yourself or with anyone , must go on.
I see a piece of my soul in this movie.



Every time I watch this masterpiece, apart from everything else, I remind myself to be able to identify and recognize what/who is gold, and what/who is just ‘gold-plated’. There’s a huge difference.

May everyone achieve peace, simplicity and tranquility, every now and then; despite being caught up in the cruel network or artificial metropolitan bubble. May you be firm on your values, morals and beliefs and be always grounded to your roots.

”main jise odhta bichhata hoon
wo ghazal aap ko sunata hoon
ek jungle hai teri aankhon mein
main jis mein raah bhool jaata hoon

tu kisi rail si guzarti hai
main pul sa thartharata hoon

ek baazoo ukhad gaya jab se
aur zyaada wazan uthaata hoon
main tujhe bhoolne ki koshish mein
aur kitne kareeb paata hoon

tu kisi rail si guzarti hai
main pul sa thartharata hoon”
-Ghazal Dushyant Kumar