From the very first word that we utter when we don’t even know how to speak, to the involuntary loud scream we give out in any situation of pain, anxiety or fear, this small yet powerful word has been engraved in our speech like no other word has been.

When I went around and asked a few people to say the first word that comes to their mind or describe their mothers in one word, I got answers like-
-Best Friend
-Role Model
-Sole companion
-Unconditional Love
-Got my back
-Trouble shooter
-Biggest support

When I asked myself, I found my answer being ‘home’. She indeed is, truly a combination of all of the above^, but for me, she is home, she is my solace, my comfort, my very own temple.
Home is wherever mumma is. If she isn’t at home, then its not home. She is the one who binds the family together and keeps it alive, for her and for everyone. I, my sister or papa, no matter who gets home first, the first thing we ask is ‘Where is mumma?’

Quintessential but true. Apart from everything else, mothers are truly the Gods on earth. Read somewhere that, since God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers. An epitome of unconditional love, affection and care, our mothers are omnipresent, no matter where we go, or how far we are geographically. She makes sure that she takes care of us and often the students/pupils who live away from home, realize the same, and make sure that they tell their mothers that they’re fine, even if they’re not, because we know how tensed she gets if she senses even a hint of despair in our voices.

I profoundly remember one day, this was during those days when I had to live in a PG near college, and home was miles away from college; I was talking to mumma on phone and broke out crying uncontrollably. It was just a storm of problems and issues that I was facing that, I just couldn’t keep it inside anymore, the volcano erupted; and unfortunately mumma got so worried and tensed that she said to me, ”You don’t live near home anymore. Don’t cry like this. The route is long. We’ll take time to come there!”
She has stood by me in all of my tough times, even the excruciating struggles when I could hardly make it on my own. When I didn’t even want to get up, or walk around. Even when the fault was mine, she would blame someone else, just to make me feel better.

I remember, another time; This was when I was hospitalized because I was under surgery due to some medical condition. I was under anesthesia during the operation and hence, was unconscious. As soon as the anesthesia wore off, and I started regaining consciousness, the first thing that I spoke, the very first words, even in that state of semi-consciousness, I looked at the nurse and asked ‘mumma?’

I know for a fact that, there are going to be many more such moments of fond remembrances further in my life, both with mumma and papa. However, there isn’t anything in this world that compares to the selfless love, care and blessings that mothers have bestowed on us. There isn’t anything even remotely close to this tenderness we do, and shall still share with our mothers. They are eternal blessings. They’re magic. They’re everything.

A mother is the most powerful woman in our lives, and they shall always remain so. They are our creators. They are the reason behind our motivation, grit and simply, life. They believe in us, when nobody else does. They teach us the importance of family, love and other small lessons of life, which we may not inculcate ourselves. They believe in our dreams, even when we can’t and that’s the most indispensable gift for us. They are solely, and always there through innumerable twists and turns, highs and lows, successes or failures. Selflessly standing like a solemn and complete support system, without asking anything in return.

All I can say is. Its our turn now. I pray to God that all mothers live a long life.

To always be there for mumma, to give her the same happiness and comfort that she has always given me. To remove all her troubles and make life a bit more rejoicing. I can’t promise I’ll be as successful as she were in this, but,


Even if I become half as selfless as you are, I’d have achieved a heaven lot!




And this song makes me cry.