From one of my childhood dreams, teenage fantasies and present goals! –



”I want to be a rainbow,
Spreading happiness and joy;
Wings open in the clear blue sky
Flying up into the infinity
Leaving behind a trail of my own
Carving a journey if I smile or moan.

I want to be a rainbow,
So bright and radiant
That the dark rains pour happiness
Where only barren lands grew.
To touch and heal several souls
And make this world purely whole.

I want to be a rainbow,
Like an artistic force of this reality
For you and others, to shower what?
A divine magnificence of kindness and love.
To make my utopia, a magical dreamland.


I want to be a rainbow,
Free from all evils and fears
Strong and solemn as an alpha,
By enduring the toughest storms.


I want to be a rainbow
That I always want to be
After a spell of unknown darkness,
I want to rise powerful into the endless infinity

Conquering the tide, the ocean, or the forest fire alike
I want to capture the earthiness of the land
and suffuse the same into the atmosphere.

I want to be a rainbow,
and create a magical dreamland.

Let’s all be rainbows first,
so that this land becomes magical
Like an elixir of purity and benevolence,
And a wishful paradise for all.
A wishful paradise for all. ”