Not another long or hefty take on relationships again, but, just another thought maybe.

A true and honest take-

Not all relationships have a name. Not all of them need to be entitled by the people who share it.

Companions, friends, soulmates, classmates, brother-sister, mother-father, student-teacher or just, a fellow passenger!

Names^, titles^ ; those are the titled relations.

Go about this-

Two people meet, they talk regularly, become friends, friendship led to companionship, and they want to meet often and talk often.
They share things with each other, they confide in each other, they care for each other, they support each other, help each other in troubled times and make each other rise in joyful companionship.

No reasons for being with each other. No reasons for liking or caring for each other. No reasons.
They just share, they just care, they might just even love.
No reasons. But they are there.

What I’m trying to say with this one-toned and directional conversation is that, if you share a wonderful relation with a person in your life, a friend or anyone, you do NOT need to search for answers or analyze the basis of your relationship. You do not need to find reasons why you love a person. Or why you support someone.
If your companionship/relation is true and honest, you will accept the person as he/she is, learn to be proud of their strengths, and you will learn to adore their shortcomings.
You might start taking responsibility, but you must never think why you are doing this. or taking efforts for something, which in turn, is bringing you happiness 🙂

Any blissful association starts without any reasons. The moment you start finding reasons, is when, issues arise. Its true, its real and its practical.

The above take was written because of what I observed the previous night:

Just yesterday, I was watching this short film, beautifully describing separation, and there was something with the words that the narrator used, which compelled me to write the entire voice over again. It went something like this-

I know its been a long time that we’ve met.
I know, in all these numerous and uncountable days, we haven’t even talked.
But in the last few days, I have thought a lot about us.
And I want to tell you that,

I miss you.

Its not that I regret what happened between us or that I want to meet you again
Its just that

I miss you.

Its so weird. The person whom I knew so well, is a stranger today.

Sometimes, many days pass by without missing you
I often push away the memories into an unknown darkness and leave.

But suddenly I see something and it hits,
Some photograph, some gift, or those stupid love letters that we used to write to each other
And those lost memories overflow, and again dawn upon me.
Its when I feel, that I want to meet you again,
to hold you tight in my arms
to kiss you.

But, all these feelings are hollow;

Why do we forget so easily that,

Love is not what we understand!

Anyway, I m not regretful.
There were reasons for our separation which still exist today.

But in the beginning, there were no reasons for our love.

Love just happened.
Reasons came later.
And since then, whatever happened, were due to these reasons.
Its okay. Whatever happened, was for the good.
Maybe in the future, I might meet someone to whom I will never have to say goodbye to.But right now, there is this emptiness.
My heart aches to love again only.What I m trying to say is,

I hope that you are fine and well
that you have found that love, which couldn’t become our love.
However, a part of me also hopes that,You too remember and miss the relationship we shared, before those reasonsAnd ,

That you miss me too.”

Video Link:

This Emotional Short Film About A Breakup Is A Balm For All The Broken Hearts Out There


We should really give some rest to our practical, reason-oriented, expanded and overgrown brains and minds, and just, let things be. Let nature take its natural course.
Stop overdoing things.
Just appreciate nature
And what it has in store for you.

Keep things close to your heart which give you love and happiness.
Nothing else matters.
Reasons don’t hold importance.

Find your eternal happiness in the unnamed relationship. Find joy in the ordinary 🙂