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July 2016

Reasons Why People Choose to Stay in Unhappy Relationships


A first of my listicle, this one is a rather offbeat topic, as compared to the rest of my blogs. I have previously written on relationships, but this one came to me as a good and resting explanation, like a comfortable sofa to lean on, for majority of youngsters and adults these days, being in variable relationships in their lives. Continue reading “Reasons Why People Choose to Stay in Unhappy Relationships”


She isn’t just another celebrity for me


”I buy my own diamonds. When a guy comes into my life it will not be for diamonds. A guy will be in my life only when I am in love.”

”Be true to who you are. Be courage, be selfless. Be love. Courage comes from knowing your truth and standing up for it.” Continue reading “She isn’t just another celebrity for me”

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