From the shackles of the black smoke and puffed restraints, break free.
Shatter the chains and ties, and fly up above the ocean and sea.


This is by far, the boldest poem that I have ever written.

”These closed doors and windows
Yellow and peach walls around
Behind the bars and dark curtains
There lies an infinity in me with no bounds

With every effort I make to grow or move
You put it down with your scream, anger, doubt
or baseless inability to comprehend
Trying to break free from the chains you’ve bind me to
I m not another subdued female victim if thought so, did you?

With every puff of smoke you take and give
Cigarettes becoming an identity of your existence
Taking my essential air that I breath to live
The black smoke is killing us with consistence

Tuck tuck tuck taka-tak tuck as the clock says,
Each puff deleting one day off your life
But do you give a concern apart from buying yet another pack?
Let me also take in a puff, to have your back?

Endless fear and qualms for moving ahead in life
Why do you pressurize this fear with my strife?
With every ‘no’ and ‘never’ from you
You kill my subsequent dreams a few.

When will you realize, if ever you had?
That I m not a puppet off the shack
I have my own dreams and desires and plans
To fulfill them according to my knack.

Get out of the shit storm and embrace reality
I have grown up with my rational moralities
If you don’t understand my work then let it be,
But do not create an unseen imprisoned brutality

I shall still make efforts to break these chains
To elevate my dreams and hopes to become a big name
However I wonder and I fear, if during this process
Our ties of descent, like your pack of smoke, might also, catch flames.”

girl with raised hands and broken chains