” Don’t think, don’t ponder,

It was just my random wonder

My pen and paper know me the best,

I hope you too know, my zeal and zest! ”


‘Far across some distant place,

I know you’re busy with your own race.

With solemn dreams in our eyes,

the hardships shall come with a prize.



The silence grows every day,

but is that the only way?

I’m sure you know me very well,

but this plight has created a silent spell.



For days and months, its been a battle,

Seems treacherous to prove my mettle.

A solitary struggle, it is to call,

how many times do I fall?



I rise up again, only for us,

Despite the bruises and severe cuts.

The silence has made me strong enough,

though my shoes, are tight and tough.



I know we’re running at a separate pace ,

To conquer this mad rat race.

But, just a question I like to choose..

‘Can you even walk in my shoes?!’