”In beautiful dreams of starry nights
Your resplendent beauty caught my eyes,
I perceived what you mean to me,
As the blissful love kept seeping through the night.

I realized, as I lay beside you,
That I was in ideal paradise.
And all I wished from the scintillating moon,
Was to never take you away from me.

I looked into your pretty eyes,
And I dived into magnanimity
I fell in love over again
As I knew you were my beautiful dream.

The starry night completed its discourse
As dawn brought in bright reality
I sought union with the solemn hand,
And you became my celestial wonderland.”

-I love you.

Sometimes those simple words and usual overheard lines make so much sense;

”She tells you how she feels all the time so you don’t forget you mean everything to her.
She doesn’t text you or call you sometimes, because she doesn’t want to annoy you.
When you fight she goes to sleep sick to her stomach and stays that way until you make up.
You’re the only thing that makes everything better. You’re the only one that can make her smile like never before.
How do you even think of drifting apart or betraying her?

Become each other’s celestial wonderlands and see the magic 🙂