~The glass of water is half filled or the glass of water is half empty.

~The temperature is too high due to the bright sun. OR
The day is bright due to a shining luminescent sun.

~Look ahead. There’s a blockage on the road. OR
Look ahead. We can easily cross the blockage with steady speed.

~The brilliantly talented artist took a step forward towards his dream, but one anxious look from his father, brought his journey to a mid-halt.

~The young girl had her eyes affixed on winning laurels. But, the skepticism and negative mindset of her guardians, pulled her wings back.

These are some of the contradictions and state of extremities, describing two sides of the same coin. How much can an attitude, mindset or even random verbal communication affects our lives, is indeed humongous.
As civilized (or uncivilized!) animals running a mad-rat race in this time and age, where nobody gives a damn to anyone else except their own selves, what our inner self and mental state can do, is far beyond comprehension. Most of us don’t even realize how vital our attitude and thinking is for our own selves.

To talk about the necessity of every human being, the indispensable means of survival for every living soul there is, the absolute source of strength and drive that has the tendency of lighting the unstoppable fire within us,
Positive thinking, Positive attitude, Positive words.

On the Go.

Accept them, imbibe them within, practice them consistently and be them^. You’re an achiever already.

A positive attitude begets good results, is something that we’ve read and heard for a long time now. Truthfully, this seems redundant and does not mean anything unless you accept this for yourself.

A positive mental state and attitude can do wonders and the results are exceptionally profound on the human demeanor, speech, actions and words.It gives you the power of your circumstances, instead of your circumstances having power over you.
It does not and cannot solve your problems, but, it definitely gives you the strength and requisite resilience to walk through all hardships, keeping your head held high. It gives you the required valiance to fight like a true leader and renders immense fervor with the right spirit.

Supporting with some factual bent of ideas. The human brain is a very powerful organ. Things that happen in our lives, are a direct result of what we perceive. It is a reflection of our mindset and the way we think. Ironically, positive attitude is the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. Unfortunately, negative attitude is exactly the same.
Its simple.
It all depends on the way we think. If we are bound by a negative chain of thoughts and get influenced by some catalyst which pulls our attitude backwards, we experience unfavorable events and experiences in reality. This has been scientifically proved by the studies of human psychology.


How will it harm us, if we believe in the brighter things in life? How does it matter, if we start speaking about positive realities of life? Why does it sound kiddish to voice those fruitful dreams out loud, in person, instead bearing in incongruity or skepticism towards those dreams?
Our dreams, wishes and realities require wings to fly, rather than getting swallowed up with the weight of our insecurities, fears or apprehensions.

I do not intend to make this a self-help blog, but, I just want to elucidate on the need of the hour and highlight on something which should necessarily be adopted by each one of us. I have myself practiced positive thinking and attitude for quite some time now, and, in fact, have made this as my biggest strength, but, it is time now, for me to learn again from my own self!

Overthinking, making a mountain out of a mole hill and getting influenced by negative assumptions, have snatched away my mental peace temporarily. It has even affected my personal relationships and so, it is time now for my strength to give me strength again! It is time for us to realize that little hope of light that sparks somewhere deep down in our soul, to steadily grow into a fascinating ball of fire for re surfacing our courage and strength.

Personalizing with my example, the biggest wish that I have in my life, requires a great deal of zest, zeal, resilience, hurt, pain and a vortex of inner strength from myself. It requires me to be dedicating myself in an excruciatingly tough situation, walking on a difficult road and the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do, but, because I foresee a bright end to my journey, I am able to believe in my positive thinking and attitude, I am able to adopt the tiny ray of hope (no matter how remote that light burns) my biggest wish becoming a reality someday, and so, I am brave enough to believe in this, stand up and walk through it. I muster the courage to work towards making this dream a reality someday.

I am strong. I am brave.

I am hopeful of achieving what I want.

I am positive.

So, get up and make your impossible, Possible. Believe in yourself and foresee a positive turn of events, in no matter what situation you are in. Stand up for what you believe in, even if its really tough, even if it’s the toughest thing you’ve ever had to do, you have got to accept that power and fight back. Our loved ones often take a stand for us, so why not walk a tough path, even for them? Take a stand for what you want and for what you believe in. Nobody can stop you.

You’re celestial.

The world awaits us. Its time to make it ours.