”Ek jahan khushiyon se bharke,
Le aaya woh yuhin haste-khelte.
Dekha karti thi jisko sapno mein,
Aaj woh chala aaya ek dua banke.”

Penning down these lines, while thinking of the one and many delights of having you as a true blessing of my life, seems conspicuous. A mandatory blog post on the occasion of your birthday, not because it is customary to do so, but because I wanted to have a profound impression and presence of you, on my canvas.

Time plays such remarkable and unaccountable games that nobody ever, can possess even a slightest idea of what might happen next/what might come. There are people we meet and know just on a lighter, everyday basis, as colleagues/members. We don’t realize how the importance and value of one person can completely revolutionize over time. An incessant growth in the dynamics of a relation shared between two friends, escalating to blissful companionship.

*Gasp with wonder, incongruity and astonishment!

So, by now you must have guessed that this blog is solely dedicated to you, to a prolonged and over-entitled birthday wish/greetings/gift and likewise. 🙂

A childlike-moonlike face beaming with delight, a smile that can take away all my tears and fears, the fixed gaze shared by our sight, in a room full of people;
You’re indeed a marvelous epitome of happiness and love, all absorbed in a white, soft fur ball-like visage. Your countenance is that of a teddy bear, as synonymous to your name and hence, the overwhelming adoration that I experience any and every time.

A powerhouse of talent and displaying a vortex of energy and enthusiasm as per aptitude, to me, you are a walking-and-talking house of melody. Rendering expertise on your personal end, you have also been a pillar of strength and consistent support for me, more than I could ask for.

Its true that just one simple ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ or a gentle smile from you in the morning, before my day resumes, becomes my go-to signal. Your voice resounds in my ears even when you’re not around and that’s why, you’re omnipresent for me. You reside in my heart and you’re not going anywhere away from there.

The elation, contentment and comfort has taken leaps higher, since I have known you.
Otherwise, ”That serious, shy, reserved bespectacled, sitting in that corner of the class, can’t be sharing a close association with me!” would still be our thought phrase for us, to describe each other! :p

Time has flown by and so, it has seen some depth. As I mentioned before, I do not comprehend the depth of this because it is so mesmerizing and inescapable but, I can’t thank you enough for being what you have been to me, for sharing companionship, for being my loving and affectionate lap to rest on, for making us realize, both, tangible and intangible depths of a relationship.

Its your birthday today and all I can wish is that you achieve the pinnacle of success and receive the world of delight and prosperity. I am and will always keep you in my prayers and best wishes. Its from the hidden recesses of my heart and soul. May the best in every sphere be with you.

Addressed to my wonderful companion,

The person with a golden heart and whose eyes are filled with warmth and compassion. An ocean of warmth in which I could forever drown into. The compassion to which I could forever keep looking at.

To my eternity,
If not here, lets make our forever in paradise?

An eternal and intangible paradise.

I love you.


romantic teddy-bears