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March 2016

Positive. Not Impractical!

~The glass of water is half filled or the glass of water is half empty.

~The temperature is too high due to the bright sun. OR
The day is bright due to a shining luminescent sun.

~Look ahead. There’s a blockage on the road. OR
Look ahead. We can easily cross the blockage with steady speed. Continue reading “Positive. Not Impractical!”


The Intangible Paradise


”Ek jahan khushiyon se bharke,
Le aaya woh yuhin haste-khelte.
Dekha karti thi jisko sapno mein,
Aaj woh chala aaya ek dua banke.”

Penning down these lines, while thinking of the one and many delights of having you as a true blessing of my life, seems conspicuous. A mandatory blog post on the occasion of your birthday, not because it is customary to do so, but because I wanted to have a profound impression and presence of you, on my canvas. Continue reading “The Intangible Paradise”

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