Another year has gone by and yet another new one, is at the threshold. Another 365 days went by in a blink of an eye, and I’m sure, most of us have to say the same about this year! It so happens, at the end of almost every year!

2015, for some, would have been an year full of happiness or achievements, for others, it would have been filled with new adventures, avenues and sheer excitement. For some, it would have been a mirror for themselves, while for others, it would have been a mere exploration.

Irrespective of the way the year goes by, we try to wrap up this annual journey, with thunder. We often try to make sure that we meet old friends and have a get-together with family/relatives, we throw a party, we go to discs, pubs, clubs, we plan vacations and make the most of the last few hours of the year. New year, being a festivity, is now bundled up with conventional approaches to celebrate it.

While get together, parties, functions and vacations sound like the most appropriate and wonderful ways to end the year, there are also a few tangible sides to this yearly celebration wrap-ups!

What if we sit at home and order pizza, while reminiscing those good, old school days with your group of friends? What if, we are not inviting any guests at home, and instead, sit with mom-dad and other immediate family members watching that favorite television show, over a box of sweets? What if sharing your experiences at college and just talking peacefully to parents, becomes yet another avenue for celebrating new years? What if listening to dad’s childhood tales or learning a new recipe with mom in the kitchen is the way we roll into 2016?

Well. All this might sound redundant, boring and ”extremely peaceful” for some, but, isn’t a new year supposed to be welcomed by doing what you love the most? For all those non-party people out there like me, who prefer spending time with their loved ones, doing odd things, or just celebrating peace with them, sounds the best way to kick start the annual celebration, so what’s stopping you?

Do what you want, do what you like, do what you love! Make the most of the last few hours of this year, and welcome the new one, with happiness, peace and sheer enthusiasm.
If you want-
~Go to that hill station you’d been wanting to visit all throughout the year, with whoever you want to go with, or travel solo!
~Visit that fancy restaurant and have that mouth-watering dish you’d been loathing all these months!
~If you are a party person, ask every friend that you do know on the face of earth, to join you in that disc, for dancing your bones out, till 12 midnight and further!
~If you want peace, sit at home and enjoy your me-time, watching your favorite movie, or just, doing nothing! (There is no harm in gathering some harmony in the last few hours of this hectic year that went by!)
~If you want to explore, go to any random hang-out place, or monument, or even a new city, wandering around like a gypsy
~Get in touch with your old friends, if you miss them! Send a message, make a call or just, drop by their home unannounced! Do you even realize the amount of surprise and elation, doing something like this, would deliver?
~Tell that girl/boy that you love him/her with all your heart and see what happens next! What if they decide to love you back?!
~Get rid of that old relationship if you’re unhappy and stop letting it kill you anymore! Move ahead and fall in love with yourself!
~Sit on your knees and ask your companion to marry you! That moment of sheer joy and inexplicable love is something that cannot be written down in words. You will remember that moment, when two souls becomes one, for the rest of your lives.
~Make a list of things that you want to achieve in the coming year, and then, analyze what would happen if things don’t go as your plan!
~Be proud of even the tiniest of achievements that you had in this year, and be hopeful of bigger ones, for the next!
~Maintain a positive mindset and demeanor for 2016 and in fact, for all the upcoming years of your life!

On one hand, where I would like to celebrate new year’s with peace, doing things I like, talking to my beloved, or meeting my best friend over a cup of coffee, or ordering pizza and watching television with my sister, on the other side, I would also like to congratulate those who are having an unforgettable time of their lives, spending their last day of the year, with their gang at a loud party, with a glass of beer and letting their hair down on the dance floor! New year parties deliver an unfathomable zest and zing into the lives of youngsters and promise to give them a good hangover the next morning! However, those who enjoy parties indeed make sure that they receive the best last few hours of the year. It depends from person to person.

It comes down to what you love. It comes down to how you want to welcome the new year. You can begin it with happiness and tranquility doing what the hell you want to do!! So, just maintain a positive and cheerful air about everything, spread love and happiness, be a ray of light in someone’s life, light up your house with fairy lights, and welcome 2016 with open arms and huge smile on your face!

Seize the moment. Spread happiness. Love yourself. Love your loved ones!
Make the most of this hour.

Carpe Diem.

Happy New Year to one and all 🙂