Businesswoman shouting her victory to the world

I wrote this poem during the most intricate and toughest phase of my life (till now) and today, I always read this, whenever I feel low or do not obtain something for which I worked really hard. Life is not always a bed of roses and often, we don’t even receive what we truly deserve. Instead, everything including success, happiness, accomplishments, relationships and other prominent milestones of life, come to us whenever they’re supposed to. We receive them at the right moment, right place and right time.


So would you only get driven like dumb cattle? Would you sit back with torment and let disparity bug you more??
I Don’t Think So.
The Oxford dictionary defines ‘optimism’ as ‘a tendency to take a hopeful view of things’. Frankly, optimism, happiness and success have always been much more meaningful to me.

‘’To move ahead with a brighter mind,
To work harder the next time.
To not dwell in the stinking past,
To keep walking in the wide mast.

To have optimism as the biggest strength,
To keep conquering the unconquerable lengths!
Also to hold tight all my loved ones together,
And to still rejoice in the lovely weather!

To keep chasing for the unseen destinations,
To endure the toughest situations.
To not die in between the battle,
To get up and rise to reach the castle.

As I sit down now having gone through prolonged despair,
Now I need everything to get repaired.
For you and for all, I need to live,
My love, care and affection I have to give.

They say if you’ve tasted failure success is not far behind,
Now I request my destiny to please be kind.
I want to attain…I want to attain…and I think I will…