Self contentment is the most important aspect and precedes much before criticism/appreciation from any other. I am really happy that I could cover this. It was something for which I was so scared and anxious, but, I got it done in the end. I hope it will be read by readers across and gets media space in Kala Utsav 2015 coverage.

Event coverage- Kala Utsav 2015
My piece on the theatre performances that I covered in the day-

Theatre is one of the most prominent, responsive and well received forms of art today in our nation and all over the world. It has been an art form which has been practiced and celebrated since time immemorial. Theatre now, has come of age and has broken myriad of barriers including geographical, regional, language and traditional.
Here at Kala Utsav 2015, a festival of art is being celebrated, with an amalgamation of culture and ethnicity from all states of our nation. An extravaganza of art and festivities is what defines the essence of Kala Utsav’s theatre segment.
Some of the theatre group performances at Kala Utsav 2015 displayed a plethora of creative brilliance and unconventional expertise. From the pristine land of Uttarakhand, came the theatre group performers who seized the spiritual and cultural spirit of the state. They performed in their regional dialect with excellent dialogue delivery in aplomb. It was a spectacular display of loud vehements and emotions with the dramatists and performers sporting ethnic dresses and few singers sitting on the right-hand side of the stage giving musical backdrop. Their essential plot explained the greed for money and materialism along with the evil practice of female foeticide. The theatre performer’s caliber matched to those of the professional theatre artists. The drama was supported with dance sequences and the narration and fillers in between were done by the singers and instrument players on stage.
With an exhibition of diverse props and folklore possessions, the theatre group of the West Bengal girls mesmerized the audience with their enactment which was achieved by dance sequences, supported with classical music as backdrop. The dramatists were masked all throughout their performance. The dialogues of dramatists and narration of the story was accomplished by the group of girls sitting on the stage as folk singers and instrument players. Drumbeats and harmonium music served the background music and trapped the traditional core of the majestic state of West Bengal.
The well-received theatre group from the contemporary state of Telangana delivered the Beti Bachao Beti Padao message through visual articulation with extreme physicality, violence and other appealing and charismatic elements. The story was presented with time lapse and captivated the solemn lessons for the audience’s awareness. It ended with the visual display of slogans, posters and charts.
Additionally, the colourful team from the spectacular land of Andaman and Nicobar encapsulated the positive affirmation of their culture and state and encouraged other communities for equal importance of the girl child. The performance started with a group song in their regional dialect along with two children as guitarists. The group, apart from delivering a strong message according to the theme, also represented their culture through various tangential stories and other performing elements on stage.
The natural and pragmatic group from Uttar Pradesh with their unique story showed positive spirit and hoped to spread awareness through their dramatized stint. They enveloped creativity along with tradition and culture with mastery and finesse.
The theatre festival was an artistic jamboree in the extravaganza of Kala Utsav. It was the most enchanting and arresting for the audience and pulled a vast majority of the crowd at the festival. Theatre as an art has become an aesthetic temple of learning. It acts as an agent of change and is a prompt vehicle for generating awareness in the society. Theatre has and will be an indispensable form of art and continues to pull the strings of our heart.



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