The irony is.
Everyone is talking about world peace. Everyone wants to support and promote peace and harmony in the world.
But the saddest part is, there is already so much of hatred and disapproval, Hatred is omnipresent now. Facebook users are blaming Mr Mark Zuckerberg for bringing up the facebook dp filter only for the big countries, blaming for imperial mindset. Others are blaming the global media for highlighting only the Paris attacks and not the Lebanon and Beirut attacks.
Others can’t stop abusing the ISIS and expressing deep abomination against the terrorist activities. Others are endlessly debating about the reasons for their terrorism. Others can’t stop insulting Narendra Modi for being two-faced and for being etc. Others from Beirut, Lebanon can’t stop blaming the West for the ignorance they’ve faced. While others can’t stop bickering with each other for showing prayers for Paris by changing their dp. Some can’t stop saying that how will praying help?


My point being. If everyone wants world peace and harmony, if we all want tranquility, then why in Lord’s name, are we promoting and highlighting HATRED AND DISAPPROVAL??
Facebook since yesterday, has become a platform for outpourings of hatred by one and all. While some are genuinely depressed for the loss of their loved ones, others cant stop bickering amongst each other for the myriad of reasons I’ve tried to mention above. (and I’m sure its not just on facebook, but other social media tools as well)

Also, coming to a few more discrete points. Since the ISIS has confirmed about their involvement in these attacks, I would just like to throw a spontaneous suggestion or advice or thought.
If you have intentions of taking revenge, or bringing up violence in the name of religion, or want to take full advantage of your vengeance due to whatever reason, Can you please PLEASE blow up the entire world at once? Won’t that be so much more convenient and fast? Attacking random countries like this, time and again, what are you getting out of it? Temporary satisfaction in your veins? Make it permanent, fellows! Just BOOM! At once! And be done with it. Already, and very clearly, you people don’t have any problem in dying yourself in the process right?, so well and good. Plan and execute a one-time, single-term vengeance. It will much easier and respite any troubles. Think about it.

My much-respected, popular, globally-accepted and elite Dear Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.
Shri Narendra Modi.
Sir, I would not like to bring up the 2002 Gujrat riot issues, because it puts you in cold sweat and makes you miserable. So, saving you from that misery, my concerns and thoughts are about something else.
Sir, I would just like to re-enforce the power of logical thinking and  eloquence in the way you react and speak. I respect you Sir, for taking the nation on your shoulders and traveling across 500 miles with its weight upon you, and still not slipping on the road. I respect you, for attempting to make the global ties of the nation, more stronger and cemented, but Sir, it would be MUCH MUCH BETTER if you could handle the global media with equal harmony and tolerance. You would be a far better reflection of a global PM, if you give valid, correct and appropriate answers to what the UK media asks you? Or what any other global media channel asks you during open interviews and conferences? You would NOT face any criticism from the citizens, young students like me, from national leaders, from your new colleagues/counterparts (global political leaders, PM”s, international bodies etc) if you do NOT dodge the questions asked from you, ON A GLOBAL PLATFORM. I would like to remind you Sir, that you are being followed, seen and witnessed in all parts of the world and there are millions who look up to you. Do you realize the weight of anything that you say/answer? No? Well. Think about it. God Speed.

For all the Facebook Users.
Dear All.

I speak, not as an Indian national, but as a global citizen now. In view of supporting and promoting world peace and harmony, I would just like to say that we have to stop bickering at each other, we have to stop blaming Mr Zuckerberg, we have to stop blaming those who pray, we have to stop blaming those who changed their dp’s to the french tricolor filter. In other words, we have to stop spreading hatred and disapproval in the name of these attacks, in the name of religion, in the name of this dp change, in the name of impartial global media’s attention. So what if people are praying for Paris? Everybody has their own way of acquiring mental peace. Some receive peace and solitude by praying. SO LET THEM PRAY!!!
So what if myriad of people changed their facebook dp’s to the french tricolor filter? They are still in grief for the Paris attacks, they are still mourning for what happened in these disasters! THEY DID NOT JUST CHANGED THEIR DP’S AND GOT REST ASSURED THAT PARIS AND THE WORLD IS ABSOLUTELY FINE NOW! NO!!!

Just leave each other’s personal activities aside and collectively do your bit for those who are genuinely depressed and lost their world! In practicality, go out of your homes and contribute whatever you can for the families whose worlds came crashing down in just one day! Stop being hypocrites, stop insulting each other, stop spreading hatred, because by doing all of this, you are contradicting your own decisions and claims!! Just take a step back, reflect on your words and actions, and IN THE TRUEST SENSE, support peace and harmony, help as much as you can, spread love and care and finally, heal the world.




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