An unexpected and unintentional blog post. Maybe that is what makes this one, truly special.

Written out of overwhelming happiness, joy and exuberance on my friend’s birthday, and the reason for my blissful and inordinate delight being, my friend’s birthday!
Its not always that we discover an incomprehensible friendship in a person, to whom we often do not acknowledge of his/her support, presence and importance, yet, are always seeking his/her companionship and end up sharing every random talk at any and every time of the day. Its friends like these who are always there, no matter what happens and genuinely care for us even when the rest of the world turn their backs on us. I love and cherish such people in my life so much, that I, automatically see them as my family members and hence, regard them, the same way.
I may not be sitting next to my best friend on his birthday, yes, we might be ‘only geographically apart today’, but, without any conscious effort, sense a prodigious amount of elation and contentment upon his wonderful day. Hence, I am sure of this. Genuine happiness for your friend’s achievement or birthday or any other eventful occasion- Its pure, soulful and true friendship, and above the reach of any other negative vehement- be it, jealousy, egotism, competitiveness or possessiveness.

I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that he achieves whatever he desires to be and have, and that, is showered by solemn blessings and charms of life from the almighty as well as from loved ones, near and far.

The following is a poem, that I wrote for him, on his last birthday, which I thought of updating as a part of this blog-

‘Sharing a Cup, On a Winter Evening…’

”We share a huge cup together,
despite any type of weather
To slowly fill and raise its level,
with drops of memories as we reminisce and revel.

A fine winter evening might give a call,
So what, if the snow starts to fall?
Might we’ll be distantly away,
But our cup fills heavily, day by day.

Winter months are harsh and tough,
but we won’t make anything rough.
Lets take a walk even int he cold breeze,
because, I never want our cup to freeze.

The swift pace of time may say,
‘This cup will be snatched right away,’
But it has a new memory to behold and cheer,
as so quickly, you’ve grown by another year!

One by one, your birthday bells ringing for you,
May they bring delights & memories anew.
and drop by drop, our memories we bring,
Till our cup fills up to the brim. ”

Happy Birthday Amit. Keep smiling and spreading joy and happiness as you make a difference to each and every life that you touch and light up the faces of myriad of souls around you!

I know you were not expecting this kind of a blog from my side and must have been taken back after reading this (or you might experience emotional turmoil!), but, trust me, this was not intentional! Its just that when I’m going through overpowering sentiments- be it- extreme happiness/sheer joy or shattering despair or any other vehement whatsoever, I need to take it out from my system and pen it down! Hence, the fine thread of words weaved together, through the seamless flow of my responsiveness.

I honestly wish that we do not drift apart after college gets over, like many others do. I believe that we will not because true friendship grows from strength to strength, however, I am not making any promises, and neither will you, because often and always, promises are overrated and broken in this fast, big, bad world. Also, friendship is such a sacred relation, that it is almost a sin to base it upon establishments of vows and promises! It is beyond everything else.

Almost missed addressing my dear readers, prevalent as a magnitude of general readers over the internet! Dear Readers, my friend Amit, is an amazing photographer, aspiring filmmaker, writer, storyteller, leader, exceptional speaker, among other credentials to his name. Here are some of his clicks which are my favorite!