The heated debate and arguments surrounding the concepts of feminism have now been discussed for long and have been propagated worldwide. Due to the rampant increase in the number of cases related to violence against women, outrageous movements related to female rights, gender equality, discrimination in the eyes of law, society and human entities broke out in various corners of the world. Common citizens, people, young students, activists invaded the streets in protest of the vicious and merciless cases that the nation and the world saw. It was not just the female who was victimized, but the horrendous manifestation victimized the entire society, city and nation.

However, the essential concept of feminism was somewhere lost between the public outrage, anger and incessant shouts of the maddening crowd. The activists, youth, common citizens fighting in unison forgot that its not just one Nirbhaya for whom they had to fight for. It was not just the three-year old baby girl getting raped, or the young innocent girl being acid-attacked on the street or the working woman in the cab returning to her home, getting kidnapped and forced upon by leeches. Is it always just the women who are subjected to abject violence? Sure these cases were reported and interrogated. These cases brought a collective shame to the nation and the world. It just goes to prove how still, girls and women are unsafe in their own society. However, my question is, will the other side of the coin always remained unexplored?

Let us understand the definition and concept of feminism and how it has been falsely interpreted and confused with feminazism.

Feminism is the simple belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. In textbook terms, it is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of social, political and economic equality to men. Essentially, it means to fight for the equal rights of both men and women. I repeat, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.
On the other hand, a feminazi is a sexist person who believes in female domination. Feminazi is a portmanteau of the nouns feminism and nazi; an extreme feminist militant who is intolerant of opposing views.


To elaborate, feminists are open minded people who are careful with their words and actions and aim to propagate equality in all spheres of life, without any suppression from any entity/body whosoever/whatsoever. They can be practiced by anyone who believes in rationality, equality in society and wants to eliminate the social evils of patriarchy and feminazism. Hence, male feminists exist too and are very much prominent in believing and practicing feminism. To cite an example to understand this better, white people in America have fought for the rights of the blacks and have been an active member in anti-racist movements. Doesn’t this clearly imply how male feminists can exist with equal dignity and respect? Whoever said that one has to be a female to be a feminist? What about the third gender? What about homosexuals, gays, transgenders and bisexuals? Who is to speak for their prominence if even they become a part of feminism?
Before this gets any uglier and intolerable to deal with, let us stop demonizing the concept of feminism, who can practice it and be one/and who can not and start believing in it with an open mind and heart.

Feminazis are the close-minded bullies who unfortunately still exist amongst us and are stiff and rigid in their mindset. They are the ones who still go to the general compartment in the metro and demand for the seat as if their names are inscribed on them. The most insensitive practice is when they claim an authority over the seat and ask for it even if a male co-passenger is already sitting! For them, if anyone who does not agree with them, incorrigibly becomes a rapist. They are delusional and frustrated women who demand dominance over anything and everything. Surely, this is NOT feminism. This is dominance and their demeanor seems to be even worse than a potential stalker trying to stare at a women from a distance. If feminazis propagate such inhumane and insensitive practices, then where is the difference between them and a criminal or a stalker?

Its understood that women who propagate inappropriate notions related to feminism and who conveniently become ‘feminazis’ instead of rational feminists, are the group of extremists in the society that everybody fears and do not want to be dealt with. They are ones whose thoughts and actions are hated/feared by men.

A recent example (true story) to support the above statement^-
”A young college-going student (male) whole-heatedly supports and believes that the injustices faced by men must also be highlighted and given equal importance. He is frustrated by the practices followed by the feminazis so much so to the extent that, he can’t tolerate a person speaking even about rational feminism. He is scared of feminazis and bears an inexplicable hatred against them. This has affected his state of mind so much that its starting to drastically alter his actions.
While working for a college assignment with a fellow classmate of his, who is a girl, a rather innocent, hard-working, sincere and dedicated girl, he harassed her.
It was just a simple argument related to their group assignment, just another war of words that happens in probably every other group task/assignment, but instead of sorting out the issue with the girl with dignity and grace, he responds to this with a dire conduct of behavior and drastic gesture, exploiting the girl of her innocence, hard work and honesty.
What was the fault of the girl here?
Was the boy’s reaction, a result of impulsiveness? Or was he mentally disturbed, just because there are a certain group of feminazis still prevailing in the society?
If we say that feminazis are wrong, which they surely are, then is being an oppressive chauvinist absolutely correct and acceptable? Who gave him the right to harass an innocent girl, dedicated to her work?
Whatever disagreements they faced as team members, could have been solved with mutual respect and understanding, by taking into account, the opinions of the other person, not just their own’s. But, something totally opposite happened.
Why? The answer to this can be established after much contemplation.”

There has to be equal importance given to the injustices faced both by the men and women of the society. Its not always just the women who are suppressed and face in discrimination, but men also become easy victims of gender bias, false accusations and absurd practices.
Its high time that these irrational opinions, practices and inaccurate judgements by the ‘extremists’ of the society namely, the ‘male chauvinists’ and the ‘feminazis’ are put aside and might as well eliminated, so that our society progresses towards a better tomorrow.

Its high time.