Writing is discovering. Sometimes, we start writing something, but it ends up as something else altogether! The meaning, the message, the interpretation of the piece becomes something entirely different than what we meant to write, when we started it.
I had started writing a new poem, but eventually, the unconfined words started resulting from my overwhelmed disposition, as I was occupied in a striking sense of gratitude I wanted to express.
Gratitude for all my teachers who’ve taught and guided me, who are still teaching me and from whom I’ll continue to learn all throughout my life.
Today, for some of my teachers, I may not be in your classroom now, but I’ll always be your student.

A piece dedicated for all my teachers/my gurus. I’ll forever be indebted to them for their belief in my capabilities, their blessings and their lessons, I cherish today and everyday.


‘’A teacher reflects eternity. No one can tell where the influence stops.’’


Your lessons and your wisdom, dear teacher
is like the solemn night sky, telling me,
To be consistent enough, so as to keep shining.
Your eminence tells me, to always look at my goals and aspirations, with the head held high.

While your tender affection and care is like the wet grass in the serene park, which says,
Peace and tranquility is found in the smallest of joys, and to always walk bare-foot on the wet grass.

I wondered for a while and reflected back,

To the night sky with stars, ‘’ Be my guiding light, so that I can view the reflection of my laurels at you.’’

To the wet grass, ‘’With this realm of the earth, I’ll always walk bare-foot, as I can’t count my blessings and dreams above, without the strength of your sanity and prudence.’’

Dear Teacher,
Mere words can’t describe the power of your guidance and teachings, as it is that ineffable.

With an inability to express my gratitude, I just want to say that,
I want to make you proud.