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September 2015

Why do I fear falling in love?


Three years back, his usual greetings used to start by calling me as ‘princess’ or ‘sweetheart’. When those endless nights, he didn’t want me to go to sleep, so that we could talk peacefully. Waiting for each other after classes get over, mutual gift-giving, sharing gazes and smiles, being teased by fellow class mates. Continue reading “Why do I fear falling in love?”




Writing is discovering. Sometimes, we start writing something, but it ends up as something else altogether! The meaning, the message, the interpretation of the piece becomes something entirely different than what we meant to write, when we started it.
I had started writing a new poem, but eventually, the unconfined words started resulting from my overwhelmed disposition, as I was occupied in a striking sense of gratitude I wanted to express. Continue reading “Gratitude”

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