At some point of time in our lives, we will be able to relate to this thought appropriately.

”Through the sands of time I’m left alone
wondering whom can I can I call my own?
I try to search and introspect,
where are those bonds I did respect?

Beautiful memories buried in my past,
with a share of tears collected like a mast.
I thought I still have everyone around,
But those relationships now, make no sound.

Life goes on with its fast pace,
but I can still feel our last embrace.
My heart becomes heavy as everything gets buried,
Will I be able to walk…I am worried.

Trudging up slowly to reach the hill,
may I not lose my new strength and will..
Learnt to face the tests with a smile,
as I still have to cover a few miles.

But walking alone is fine I think,
The baggage on my head will eventually sink.
On the path to success I shouldn’t moan,
because, when you’re struggling, you’re always alone.”