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August 2015

Struggling Alone (Poem)

At some point of time in our lives, we will be able to relate to this thought appropriately.

”Through the sands of time I’m left alone
wondering whom can I can I call my own?
I try to search and introspect,
where are those bonds I did respect? Continue reading “Struggling Alone (Poem)”


Breaking the stereotypical conventions- via a motorbike and an unflinching spirit!

Zenith Irfan, a 20-year old girl from Lahore, Pakistan paved her way through the stretch of the roads from Lahore to Kashmir on her motorbike, embarking on one of the bravest and heroic solo trips there exists!

Pakistan, a country which is still under the curtains of stereotypical norms of lifestyle, society, culture, traditions and education, a 20-year old girl is defying these taboos and has risen as a testimony for women, not just for Pakistan, but for women across the world. Zenith Irfan, the girl carrying an indomitable spirit and solemn intentions deserves a salute for her valiant efforts and dauntless adventure. Continue reading “Breaking the stereotypical conventions- via a motorbike and an unflinching spirit!”

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