Here is the extended version of the same poem, with the same title. With the same underlying meaning too? Well, that depends on how you want to decipher and interpret.
Poetry is transparent. Not a single meaning comprehended, can be wrong or inappropriate 🙂
‘Freedom’ (Extended)-

”When I saw a bird in a cage,
Which was similar to a torn page;
“Had she done some fault” I asked
That her freedom had come to a halt.

It could not fly over the field of grains
Instead it sang a song of strain.
Oh! Why I couldn’t feel its sadness
Is it because I live in this world of madness?

I must be dug into the ground,
For I didn’t let it dive in the vale profound.
Seek to discover the reasons foulest,
We’re blinded by tyranny or intellectual prowess?

Give wings to its dreams and aspirations,
It’ll fly and chase for the unseen destinations.
Marvel at its freedom, traversing across the skies,
Rather than disregarding the unheard cries.

It is set to conquer the immeasurable lengths,
Allow it to prosper from strength to strength.
Her subtle melancholy resounds in the Arabian Sands,
All she needs is an affectionate helping hand.

But now I will free it without time spent,
For its lost power and hope to mend.
She just flew like a soul escaping from the body’s cage
And I felt attached to the torn page. ”