The fond memories made, will always be etched in my heart, never to be forgotten. They will keep the soul cherished, with bright and solemn decisions, with blissful and enchanting experiences, with resplendent achievements, keeping my feet on the ground and providing the wings of my dreams, the necessary flight. The world awaits us; it’s time to make it ours.


‘’Softly the leaves of memory fall,

Gently I gather and treasure them all.

Some leaves scatter some fly away,

Some settle down near the exalted bay.


The early morning breeze is similar,

Refreshing the mood, isn’t it familiar?

The day rushes with its hours and events,

but something’s missing, don’t you feel it friends?


The harsh afternoon sun is the very same 

Cleverly asking, ‘Are you still game?’

Surely it was and is still going to be tough, 

To move on across the road, will be rough.


The sudden mid-day rains during the day,

black clouds gathering overhead the bay.

The subtle emotion comes back again

Giving or taking, that known pain.


The moving sky and clouds make me realize, 

Some new opened doors I got to utilize.

Not too sure if I’m ready for it,

because with leaves of memory, I often sit.


But, now things are different, as you can see,

Life has unlocked itself with a new key.

The leaves of memory have been settled in the bay

It’s the beginning of a bright, new day.’’

-Nikita Prasad